• Ciudad Condal

    Barcelona came to Casa ! 

    New in Casa and, in one word: EXTRAORDINARY ! Ciudad Condal, to be found in Maarif Extension, opened its doors the beginning of november. Like the name reveals, Ciudad Condal offers a true Catalan menu with a true Catalan Chef de Cuisine, Gerard Prat. Also the decor and ambiance reminds immediately of that amazing city Barcelona. It is bright, modern and intimate, with inviting bar on which several tapas dishes are presented and with a small but sunny and very romantic terrace. But dear friends, enough now about the ambiance, because what makes this catalan restaurant really unique is the quality of the food. For us, it absolutely belongs to the top of Casablanca. WooHoo had a degustation of the menu, we were so lucky to taste many delicious dishes. We started with a very refreshing and beautiful coloured gazpacho with flavours of apple and beet and smoked sardines, nicely soft and almost creamy.

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  • Tiki Tapas

    For an authentic experience !

    Tiki Tapas is located in the heart of vibrant Gauthier and known for its nice and easy-going ambiance and real spanish dishes. The chef is from Valencia so if you want to be sure to eat an authentic ‘Paella Valenciana’, go here ! The rice is perfectly prepared...

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  • A La Bazenne

    Here you feel at home...

    You will definetely feel al home at this invinting french bistrot thanks to its warm & cozy ambiance and its relaxing simplicity. The kitchen though is not simple at all. The extended menu changes often -following the season- and varies from traditional French dishes like ‘Boeuf Bourguignon’ to Spanish delights like their rich paella, which is super generous, plenty of seafood and vegetables. The rice is juicy and tasteful.

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  • Les 3 Mats

    Smell the ocean...

    Want to get away from the hectic city and spend an afternoon sipping and dipping in front of the ocean? Just half an hour away from casablanca you can escape to this place either to have an apéro watching the sunset or to have an amazing lunch or dinner. And if you do so, order their Paella Royal please. You won’t be disappointed...!

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  • Casa José

    Spain in Casablanca!

    This place near the port has something magic. It attracts you like a magnet, and it feels like you travel in time to a small town in Spain OLE!. Great choice of tapas and fish courses. The paella is crispy and a bit spicy with a lot of fish and vegetables. Very good !

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  • El Cenador

    For the Bon Vivants Casablancais !

    This spanish restaurant , El Cenador, with amazing view, situated on the ‘Phare el Hank’ has something special. It has a very pleasant atmosphere without being too fancy and it is proper and formal without losing its cozyness. Chef ‘Anders’, ofcourse a real Spaniard, takes care of the rest, creating sublime dishes and excellent paellas!

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