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Simple, Good and Cheap

The Moroccan cuisine is one of the greatest known in the world, famous for its subtle spices like cumin, curcuma >>coriander and its appealing combinations of different flavours. Influenced bu Andalusian Spain, Arabia and France, Morocco’s cooking is a delicious combination of mouthwatering unique flavours. The most known Moroccan dishes are ofcourse couscous and tajines, but it has so much more to offer.  
The Moroccan Snacks or Grills for example! Often very simple and of excellent price/quality ! On the menu tasteful grilled sandwiches, mixed grills, tajines and often also pizza’s or other simple nice meals.  Kefta for example,  is a typical moroccan seasoned meat dish and  served on a sandwich it is complemented  with onions, tomatoes and olives.  The simple and delicious grilled taste makes it difficult to resist.

Those meals come normally with fries and a salad and for this complete dish you’ll pay not more than 50 Dhs!!

Discover one of the below listed snacks to make sure you enjoy of a good quality meal.

Simple, cheap and just good! Bon appétit!

PS Not for vegetarians…!

  • Aladdin

    Why change a winning concept. This well known Moroccan grillade/snack manages to be consistent in serving good quality for over a long period. Several locations throughout Casablanca with different specialities; one does ‘brochettes’ where we had a sandwich grilled chicken saucages.

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  • Boucherie Ain Bourgogne

    Extensive menu,  besides the grilled sandwiches and dishes also specialities like tacos are served.  A large  variety in the menu,  quick service, crispy bread and fries and nicely grilled meat. All this for a very reasonable price so you cannot even believe your eyes when you see the bill after all that you ordered....

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  • Boucherie Grillade Al Bahja

    This Boucherie is situated on the main and busy road from Casa to Dar Bouazza. Therefore it is ideal to grab a sandwich on your way, relax and enjoy their tasty meals on their terrace. Friendly service. Delivery is also an option!

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  • Boucherie Chez Abderrazak

    On a corner, small snack with some tables outside, but always busy. Fresh and clean. Sandwiches are huge and really delicious. Choices are simple but good; shoarma, turkey, boeuf, liver. Please, try their Shoarma sandwich, it is delicious.


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  • Zorba CIL

    What is more welcome after some beers…? YES, a well grilled meat sandwich This ‘Boucherie’ is located next to the CIL Longchamps bar and on the corner of the known little lively market, so sit down on the terrace, enjoy your well prepared moroccan meal and watch people passing by.

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