Top 10 Pools & Beers 

WooHoo!!! Summer has arrived ...! Morocco is just perfect in this time of the year with its spectacular beaches & all kinds of amazing places with pools to cool down. From hip & happening to just idyllic, enjoy beautiful views, refreshing pools and an icecold beer. We selected the places to be this summer in both Casablanca (& surroundings) and Marrakech! 

Have a great summer !

  • B.For La Plage & Saigon Bay

    Excellent place to spend a full day

    Situated on the beautiful beach of Tamaris/ Dar Bouazza, Saigon Bay by b.for is an amazing place. Its decoration is very well taken care off, with its wooden decor & super comfortable furniture. It is a very lively place, but not too noisy, modern but not too hip & happening, and above all an excellent merge of the simplicity of the beach and the luxury of a high quality restaurant, with comfortable seats and sofas and a pool to dive in if you need to refresh on one of those hot days... 

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  • Zimer Beach

    Ideal location!

    Zimer Beach is well located in the Northern part of idyllic beach village of Mohammedia with a big parking lot and easily accessible. The view of the ocean is absolutely stunning and the ocean breeze highly necessary on those hot summer days will make a very pleasant day. You can decide to take a relaxing bed on the beach or stay by the pool, which is big enough to cool down and to swim. Or if you prefer you can stay dry and enjoy a cold beer or a refreshing drink. 

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  • Copacabana Beach by O'Atlas

    Magnificent View! 

    WooHoo! A piece of paradise with a magnificent view of the Atlas Mountains just 30 mins away from the center of Marrakech.  The pool is part of the amazing Hotel O'atlas. Once the doorman opens the big door, you will notice immediately the long pool with the Atlas Mountains in the back, just like if you were admiring a painting. The Woohoo feeling is guaranteed! A place not to be missed! 

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  • La Plage Rouge

    Beach Style Pool Party!

    Get you swimsuit ready to party like if you were at the beach just 20 minutes away from the center of Marrakech. There is a reason for the name La Plage Rouge, the place was made to recreate a red beach. There is no sand but there is lots of sun and lots of people ready to have a great time. The pool is big with a VIP section in the middle and a huge DJ booth just in front. 

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  • Avanti Beach Hotel

    Family Oriented 

    A very nice and cozy hotel on the corniche of Mohammedia. This Hotel is family oriented and the pool is suitable for kids. Here parents can enjoy a pool day by the ocean while the kids enjoy playing and splashing in the pool.  You don't need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy the pool, for a small fee you can a have a very relaxing day and feel like you are on vacations. 

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  • La Paillote

    Casablanca, Corniche
    Ocean front pool bar!

    La Paillote is situated on the Tahiti Beach Complex, but has a separate entrance and a different formula than the restaurants that also located there; it is an easy-going and super laid-back place. You will feel like you are on holidays with its several pools almost floating into the ocean. La Paillote itself is a wonderful bar/resto with many high chairs to chill out. A perfect bar for an icecold Casablanca beer. Enjoy it sitting right at the bar or from the spacious terrace.

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  • Famous Beach

    Pool Party Ibiza Style!

    It's summer, it's hot, it's sunny and you are ready to party? Well, Most of the best parties happen during the day time, and of course by the poolside. So don't wait any longer and head to Famous Beach just 10 minutes away from the center of Marrakech. The venue is impressive, there are three pools, the main pool next to the stage where DJ's play all day long, there is a VIP pool for those who prefer a bit privacy and there is a solarium pool for those who prefer to tan.

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  • Babaloo Beach

    Dar Bouazza 
    Music, Pool, Beach! 

    Pool party! Those are the words that comes to our mind when we think about Babaloo, a private beach restaurant on Tamaris. One of the most hip and trendy resto/clubs under the sunny sky surrounded by a pool (and kidspool separate!). A perfect place to enjoy the sunny days and to stay till sunset while listening to the music.

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  • Lola Skylounge

    Intimate & Easy-Going

    Brand new!!!! Opened only a few weeks ago, a new place to be in Marrakech for a glimpse on the city and a refreshing Casablanca beer or other apéro. Lola SkyLounge is situated on the roof of the stylish "2Ciels boutique hotel" in Guéliz. The ambiance here is different from the others, it is intimate, very cozy and easy going. with a pool to chill.

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  • Les 3 Mats Chez Jo

    Seaside Lunch!

    WooHoo!!! Want to get away from the hectic city and spend an afternoon sipping and dipping in front of the ocean? Just half an hour away from casablanca you can escape to this place either to have an amazing lunch, have drinks watching the sunset or to have a fantastic and fun diner with a live band playing almost all night.

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