• Ashokai Sushi

    Sushi Heaven!

    Located in the charming Gauthier neighborhood, in a street adjacent to the avenue Hassan Souktani, Ashokai Sushi is a peaceful haven in the middle of the urban jungle. Soft and appeasing music, attentive and helpful staff, sushi amateurs will be over the moon by the large choice of sushi, nigiri, sashimi, maki, rolls and more.

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  • O'lichi

    Taste of Asia! 

    Amateurs of Asian foods and savory sushi, the colorful O'lichi Restaurant has a new menu full of delicious surprises. Fresh ingredients, salty-sweet combinations to die for, and a unique taste of Thailand, Corea, Japan, and North America food. You can start your food journey with a chicken General Tao, which is tender and sweet and then, you can have some spicy Thai beef with basil to enchant your palate.

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  • Nori

    The Gourmet!

    In the busy neighborhood of CIL, you will find one of the best sushi restaurants in town; Nori.  As soon as you step in, you know you came to the right place for a delicious and a high-quality sushi degustation. The menu is varied, innovative, and the dishes are generous. They have a large section dedicated to maki rolls and sashimis. All with the fresher fish and the perfect sushi rice. 

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  • Yo Ti Tam

    A hidden Gem!

    WooHoo. You wouldn't expect this nice sushi resto in this residential street/neighborhood. The outdoor sign reveals already that this might be a good place. And yesssssss. Indeed it is...

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  • Café Bianca

    Unexpected Delicious Sushi!

    A multifunctional restaurant and a well known hip place and complex with a hotel, brasserie and the Villa Blanca Cafe/resto at the ground floor with spacious and airy terrace, with comfortable relaxing couches, facing the amazing ocean. Kick back, relax and enjoy Casablanca.

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