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Top 10 Tastes from around the World

Morocco has enough to offer, culinary wise, but sometimes you just need a 'Spaghetti Aglio e Peperoncino' or an 'Indian Butter Chicken' or any other international dish.
WooHoo travelled around the globe, from Japan to Latin-America, from India to Italy and returned safely and satisfied back home for the 'grand finale'. We selected 10 international 'must try' and often still unknown restaurants in Casablanca.

We hope you enjoy the trip! 
Bon appétit, Enjoy, Buen Provecho, Buen Appetito, Itadakimasu, Bsaha !

  • Ciudad Condal

    Barcelona came to Casa ! 

    New in Casa and, in one word: EXTRAORDINARY ! Ciudad Condal, to be found in Maarif Extension, opened its doors the beginning of november. Like the name reveals, Ciudad Condal offers a true Catalan menu with a true Catalan Chef de Cuisine, Gerard Prat. Also the decor and ambiance reminds immediately of that amazing city Barcelona. It is bright, modern and intimate, with inviting bar on which several tapas dishes are presented and with a small but sunny and very romantic terrace. But dear friends, enough now about the ambiance, because what makes this catalan restaurant really unique is the quality of the food. For us, it absolutely belongs to the top of Casablanca. WooHoo had a degustation of the menu, we were so lucky to taste many delicious dishes. We started with a very refreshing and beautiful coloured gazpacho with flavours of apple and beet and smoked sardines, nicely soft and almost creamy.

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  • NKOA

    Exotic Flavours 

    Although it's been open for few months for us new and so is for many of you. A real discovery,  a place with different flavours, where you can taste dishes from South America, Africa and South of Europe. A place where every dish is presented beautifully and one can taste its origins. This is not your typical restaurant in Casablanca, here you can travel to different countries in one sitting. 

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  • India Palace

    First Stop: India

    Dying to go to India? Don't wait any longer, you can do it without leaving Casablanca, just take a short trip to the Indian Palace restaurant.  This authentic Indian restaurant in Racine it's been open since 2004 and owned by the same Indian family since then, and it's by far our favorite. The service is excellent, the decor is authentic and so is the yummy food.

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  • Mai Thai

    Third Stop: Thailand

    Entering this special restaurant in the heart of Anfa makes you step into a different world, far outside of Casablanca.  Stepping into their garden kind of feels like you arrive to a serene, luxurious Balinese Spa.

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  • Umayya

    Next to Cabestan and managed by the same group, this romantic oriental restaurant with amazing view and nice sea breeze serves all kind of cold and hot and vegetarian mezze, beautifully presented and very, very tasteful. 

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  • Meson Asador

    Fifth Stop: Argentina

    WooHoo! Amazing ! Yesssss! We cannot find enough superlatives to describe this new discovery near avenue Hassan II in Mers Sultan. Owner and Chef Simo, known from Masterchef Maroc 2, opened this extremely cosy, well decorated Argentian restaurant -with bar! You will be welcomed, not only by the friendly staff, but mostly by that mouth-watering and so typical Argentian 'asador' smell. Welcome to Argentina...!

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  • Pasapalos Latino

    Sixth Stop: Latin American 

    Now it’s time for a culinary trip to Latin America. On a  corner of the busy boulevard Zerktouni you will find Pasapalos, a charming  colorful restaurant serving a variety of dishes from Latin America like Mexican Tacos, delicious Argentinian empanadas, Peruvian Causas, quesadillas, papas rellenas among many others yummy choices. 

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  • Route 66

    Seventh Stop: United States 

    Recently opened in the heart of CIL, next to the Shell petrol station, this little no bullshit burger place offers you traditional American dishes of high quality like hotdogs, nachos and -burgers of course.

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  • La Toscana

    Eighth Stop: Italy

    This Italian ristorante in Racine has been there for 19 years already which makes it a trustworthy, respectable place to go for a classic pasta or pizza. This typical delicious pizza aroma welcomes you when entering, if you weren’t hungry already, you will be now for sure.

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  • Yo Ti Tam

    Second Stop: Japan

    WooHoo. You wouldn't expect this nice sushi restaurant in this residential street/neighborhood. The outdoor sign reveals already that this might be a good place. And yesssssss. Indeed it is...

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  • La Sqala

    Back home! Morocco 

    And after having tried all those international flavours, nothing better than a taste of home, a real Moroccan tagine. La sqala is located in the old medina de Casablanca and set in a beautiful romantic and colorful garden with a spanish touch. Their menu includes all kind of salty and sweet traditional moroccan dishes like the briouates, pastilla and tagines which are among the best in Casablanca. 

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  • Relais de Paris

    Fantastic French Brasserie

    A piece of French cuisine in one of the best spots in Casablanca with a beautiful ocean view from the outside terrace. The decor is classic and inviting, with a cozy atmosphere. This one is one of those places you will be coming back, it will rarely disappoint you because their quality is very constant and good. 

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  • Casa José

    WooHoo! This place near the port has something magic. It attracts you like a magnet, and it feels like you travel in time to a small town in Spain OLE!. And once having entered, you will never want to leave again. This Spanish restaurant is so much more than just a tapas resto.

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