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Cafes are a big part of Moroccan culture and so there are manyyyyy café’s. You will find them on every corner in all sizes and  of all standards, and for not even 10 dirham you can drink a coffee in Morocco. Locals drink them normally black with a lot of sugar or with milk, a so called ‘nos nos’ which means ‘half (coffee) half (milk)’.  
Most of those cafés are however not really special and if you don’t want to find yourself sitting between only men or drinking acid coffee, check out our list.

In our Coffee list you will find good coffee places, with a broad choice -most of them also serve breakfasts, lunches and even dinners- unique ambiance and working WIFI guaranteed.
Inshallah ;-)

Btw: We also selected some kidsproof places for you!!

  • Coffeeshop Company

    For a good coffee with sea view!

    On the corner of the Corniche, next to Hotel Lido, you'll find this coffee shop chain, Coffeeshop Company, since a few months. Clean and with a very pleasant ambiance. The Coffeeshop Company is a perfect place to enjoy your coffee or breakfast outside when sunny on the spacious & clean terrace or inside on colder days, when it is warm & cozy.

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  • L' atelier du Grain

    Amazing bread choices!

    On the corner of rue Seijlmassi in Bourgogne you' ll find this bakery/restaurant, perfect for a cup of coffee or a complete breakfast. They offer several formulas, WooHoo checked out the Spanish breakfast, with ' pan con tomate', finally something else than the regular french croissant and pain au chocolat you find everywhere. Nice fresh juices also and ofcourse they are known for their quality of bread.

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  • Les soeurettes

    Break time in the heart of the city !

    Near the Rond-point des Sports in the Racine district, Les Soeurettes gathers local clients who come to enjoy a coffee and the numerous breakfasts proposed here while reading the newspapers. The juices (which are all fresh of course) are fantastic and we recommend the Vitamin (kiwi, orange and lemon) which is perfect to start a long day ! The large open terraces let the breeze of Casablanca’s summer gently blow in this spacious, two-floored elegant restaurant.

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  • Maison Amande & Miel

    WooHoo! Sit back, relax and have some Tea! What a better way to finish the afternoon after some shopping in the busy area of CIL than to head to the well known La Maison Amande & Miel for Tea Time, English style! Their baked goods are to die for, so to pair those with some flavored tea is just delightful. On the Tea Time menu, you have five formulas to choose from, like the Sultana, which is tea with Moroccan sweets to the formula Elizabeth, the most traditional one ( English style salty and sweet)

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    Eclairs lovers, this is one is for you! You will find this sweet paradise in the busy Neighborhood of Bourgogne. This coffee and bakery place has something very special; eclair of all flavors to satisfy all taste buds and even those with salty ones. On the menu, you will find a large variety of innovative flavors as well as the traditional ones. For example, the Le Snicker, Figue Framboise or the Coco just to mention a few. 

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  • Time Out

    Bright, fresh and clean

    Yes! A place for your coffee or breakfast on the Corniche, not far from some of our favorites Gossip Beach and Hey Café. You cannot miss it because the appealing logo invites you to come in. We immediately appreciated the serene, quiet and neat appearance and interior of this light café/restaurant, which also serves as a little nice shop with original jewelry! 

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  • Rider's Café

    New! Urban Bikers Café 

    New New New!! Rider's Café is located in an ideal location, next to the Harley Davidson shop on the Boulevard de la Grande Ceinture, a few meters from the Corniche and the Tramway. It is the same owner as the motor shop and they kept the same spirit as the shop! The design is urban and casual with a nice terrace. The colors are the same as of the Harley logo. There is an open kitchen in a restyled car. Very original and attractive!

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  • Boca Chica

    WooHoo. How nice! This resto/lounge/café that opened a few months ago is maybe one of the most beautiful spots in town. Situated on the ‘ Hank’, next to the football fields with an absolutely amazing ocean view. The fresh ambiance along with salty sea breeze will directly calm you down as soon as you are seated.

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  • Café Extrablatt

    This German chain has been present in Morocco since a few years and not without a reason! If you pass by, you can feel the cosy & warm, yes even German ambiance -without the beer pitchers -. This café is alive, crowded with young people and has a good energy and more important, a WooHoo feeling to offer.

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  • Villa Gapi

    Patisserie, café, resto, all in one with nice terrace. The interior is clean and luxurious and the service is very good for Moroccan standards. The breakfast is copious, tasty, nicely presented and everything is fresh.
    Not very cheap though but definitely worth visiting.

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  • Starbucks

    This well known American chain has to be in our list because of the consistent quality, broad choices, delicious Frappuccino and their seasonal lattes. It is perfect for those who don't have time to sit down to sip a cup of coffee in the amazing Casablanca’s weather, you can simply take your order with you .

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  • Frères Gourmets

    This resto/salon de thé pays attention to fair trade and therefore has an exceptional homemade menu with biological and gluten free choices, which you don’t often see it  in Morocco. And that you can really taste it for example their simple croissant with jam is one of the best we’ve ever had.

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  • Beverly Bakery & Café

    This little casual coffee/bakery place with cosy terrace in the heart of vibrant Bourgogne has an American owner who serves not only a good coffee but also fantastic donuts and ab-so-lu-te-ly delicious  cinnamon rolls and a variety of american breakfasts option recently added to the menu.

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  • Café Vergnano 1882

    A bit hidden away, just off Boulevard Ghandi in an area with mostly local snacks, you’ll find this stylish café with small terrace on a corner of a busy street, serving a broad assortment of coffees; from an espresso to an Iced Vanilla Lattes and even a ‘Baby Latte’ for the young coffee lovers.

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  • Paul Villa Zavago

    This famous french bakery/restaurant chain is located in a big Villa, called ‘Zevago’ and is centrally located in Casablanca. A good place for a coffee, a quick bite, a french breakfast or a delicious French pastries which they are famous for.
    They have a sunny and very spacious terrace which was recently renovated making it a great and unique spot 

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  • Sforza & Visconti

    Appealing café/restaurant with modern approach in the heart of CIL, in front of the famous little market and in the same street as the well-known O’Self supermarket. It is very spacious, both in- and outside, and on the second floor you’ll find  a warm cosy lounge with partly covered terrace.

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  • Le Yeel's Gauthier

    The main reason why you should go and have a coffee here is the  spacious and tranquil terrace surrounded by plants and palms in the middle of vibrant Gauthier. Open all day for a drink -we had a nice lemon gingembre cocktail and they serve several coffee variations like iced coffee with vanille icecream- lunch and dinner.

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  • Fauchon

    A French cafe well known in Casablanca, with an elegant wall at the entrance which gives a sense of leaving Casablanca as you enter the door. Once inside the smells of Chocolate and fresh patisseries will want you stop the time for a minute. But don't stand still,

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  • Wright Tea 1856

    It's Tea Time in Casablanca! Just in front of the Fnac on the second floor of Morocco Mall you will find the first English style tea salon in Casablanca 100% Moroccan. Elegance at its finest. The colors are of those of the Moroccan flag (green and red) and the decoration is a blend of the English tea room and a Moroccan tea room, just amazing and well thought.

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  • Roosevelt cafe

    Yes! Nice ! A recently renovated beautiful café with large comfortable terrace, centrally located, just off the corniche at boulevard du lido, you can almost smell the sea. Nice decoration, beautiful stylish black coloured interior and bar (no….. No alcohol license….) and even a friendly and efficient service.

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  • ISHQ Kitchen

    Innovative/hipster concept store in the heart of triangle d’or area of Bourgogne at the end of a dead-end street so quiet yet so energetic! You can go there to have a haircut, to have you beard shaved or to buy clothes,  but obviously also to have very good and healthy food !

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  • Café Bianca

    Unexpected Delicious Sushi!

    A multifunctional restaurant and a well known hip place and complex with a hotel, brasserie and the Villa Blanca Cafe/resto at the ground floor with spacious and airy terrace, with comfortable relaxing couches, facing the amazing ocean. Kick back, relax and enjoy Casablanca.

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  • Bondi Coffee Kitchen

    Woohoo! This boutique food and coffee concept in Gauthier, owned by an ‘Aussie’ outperforms in almost everything. The organic imported (Dutch!) coffee is of a great quality and so are their healthy fresh meals. On the menu several amazing original breakfasts, delicious salads and sandwiches. We had an avocado breakfast which was pure and fresh and the carrot homemade cake and muffin with berries and chocolate is to almost die for.

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