Le Marché Central

171-173, boulevard Mohammed V Rue


A genuine, characteristic food market in downtown lively Casablanca near the medina, surrounded by boulevard Mohamed V and street Allal Ben Abdallah. In this charming marketplace full of arcades and covered alleys, built between 1918 and 1919, you can taste, smell and experience the ‘real Morocco’.

Admire the beautiful endless supply of amazing fish, fresh from the ocean. You can buy it, grill or cook it at home, more adventurous: you could also ask one of the basic little restaurants that surround the market to prepare your fresh catch.Definitely it will be a surprise on quality and taste. Another recommendation is to treat yourself on a free lazy afternoon to go here and taste amazing oysters -in different sizes- from both Oualidia and Dakhla. Just standing at the counter between locals. It really doesn't get more pure than this; an oyster and maybe some lemon. Probably the crab and many other fresh delights cannot be resisted. A must go.





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