11, rue abou kacem chabi, Gauthier Casablanca, Morocco
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Exotic Flavours 

Although it's been open for few months for us new and so is for many of you. A real discovery,  a place with different flavours, where you can taste dishes from South America, Africa and South of Europe. A place where every dish is presented beautifully and one can taste its origins. This is not your typical restaurant in Casablanca, here you can travel to different countries in one sitting. 

For example, you can order an appetizer from Ghana or Iran and have a main course from Mali or Siri Lanka. To start we had a dish from Iran 'NOWRŪZ', very aromatic from the spices used and very delicious, as the main course, we order a fish dish inspired by the spices of Guadalupe, very tasty and although there was a sauce, it was light. Of course, there is no great meal completed without a yummy dessert. We highly recommend to have one, they are very delicious and unique. 

Why we love this place

  • The different flavours 
  • Nothing tastes the same
  • A unique concept 



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