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Drinking Tea in Morocco is a much loved tradition and a way of life. The tea ingredients are usually green tea (for the base) mint leaves and lots of sugar. The way is served and the tea cup is very different from other cultures. Also for Moroccans there is no time for tea, any time of the day is good for tea.  But sometimes a change is good, so we have found two great places to drink tea English Style!


Maison Amande & Miel 

Sit back, relax and have some Tea! What a better way to finish the afternoon after some shopping in the busy area of CIL than to head to the well known La Maison Amande & Miel for Tea Time, English style! Their baked goods are to die for, so to pair those with some flavored tea is just delightful. On the Tea Time menu, you have five formulas to choose from, like the Sultana, which is tea with Moroccan sweets to the formula Elizabeth, the most traditional one ( English style salty and sweet)

Their tea selection is varied and of the highest quality. The setting is relaxed and cozy. For the perfect experience just go to their terrase on the second floor, it's intimate, and there is always a nice breeze. We enjoyed very much the cakes and the salty treats, but the cake Le sublime takes the crown, it is simply sublime! 

PS, they also have a lunch and breakfast menu. 

7 rue ifrane, 20360 Casablanca, Morocco


 Wright Tea 1856

It's Tea Time in Casablanca! Just in front of the Fnac on the second floor of Morocco Mall you will find the first English style tea salon in Casablanca 100% Moroccan. Elegance at its finest. The colors are of those of the Moroccan flag (green and red) and the decoration is a blend of the English tea room and a Moroccan tea room, just amazing and well thought.

Once inside and seated, their well trained personal will explain their tea variety. There are all kind of variety, from the rose tea to a coriander tea which we tried, its aroma and taste were out of this word. We can be writing about our experience for hours so let's just go down to business. Before the tea, there was the apero, yes the apero a cup of champagne flavored with Rooibos without alcohol of course, but seriously the closest drink we ever had to a real one. After, we had the tea time menu for two, with all kind of sweets and salty treats that were delicious. They're all homemade and made out of their tea flavour; how fantastic it that! To resume our experience? We felt in England with a 100% moroccan touch.

Morocco Mall




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