About Woohoo

We created WooHoo because of our wonderful passion for discovering and enjoying the best places in town and wanting to share all this with you.

We only write about positive experiences!

What’s WooHoo!?

Collections of specially handpicked venues that gives you aWooHoo! feeling when you enter a place and you just know you came to the right one . All featured recommendations  have been personally tested, and many more than once.

Who are we?

We are Maartje van Galen and Lisandra Benhaim, 2 happy ladies living in Morocco born to experience and share WooHoo! moments in life.

Why is Morocco so wonderful?

Morocco is such a diverse country that you can even taste in the cuisine, varying from exquisite French gastronomy to flavourful Moroccan Tajines and much more. There are so many fantastic restaurants, hidden spots and unknown gems... until WooHoo came around!!

On our site you’ll find shortlists arranged by theme. So if you are looking for that best grilled meat sandwich or a long romantic lunch at the beach or just want to have a good cup of coffee, go to one of our listed choices and experience the WooHoo feeling!

We will update and launch new shortlists on a very regular base!

Help us to discover

We try to create complete lists but there is so many good out there so all your tips are more than welcome!  Do you think we missed out a WooHoo'er ? Contact us so we can go and check it out.

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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